Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cannon House Office Building Mail and Keys One Last Time

There are only three more working days to go before I officially retire. Yesterday was the first day back to work after the horrible bizarrd that is still creating a mess around here. Our car is still stuck behind a pile of dirty slush and ice that will be around for awhile. Our patio key broke off while my husband was putting sandbags in front of the door to avert a potential flood from entering the house from the melting snow. Since I had to mail a small package anyway, I remembered there was also a shoe shine stand and a key maker in the Cannon House Office Building. So I traveled through the tunnel from the Library of Congress to my destination. The post office was busy from several days of backed up service, and the key guy was just finishing up with a customer when I passed by. He was extremely charming and we struck up a conversation. If you talk long enough, something invariably comes up to remind me of the seven degrees of separation. It started out with families being okay after the storm, to he being from Wisconsin - the same place we lived for thirty years. But not just that, but from the same city. Plus his father retired from an industrial plant that was just down the street from us, and he knew where our address was. Aside from that, he is also retiring and moving to Texas in three months. He said to stop by next week before my last day. I'm. It sure he really meant it, but it sounded so sincere. Strange things happen in the basement of a house office building! And what a nice way to have ended my last trip there - as a working stiff. 

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