Friday, January 15, 2016

Sirius K9 Training Academy and Digital Art

I had a really interesting digital art order over the holidays. Caroline from California requested six portraits for her trainers, who work at her Sirius K9 Training Academy. She wrote yesterday to say that she posted the portraits on her website, along with my contact information, in case anyone would also like to have a custom pet portrait made. I just want to thank her for adding the K9 portraits to her web page. It means a great deal to be recognized in such a public fashion. I'm so glad the recipients of the portraits liked the end product. Caroline knows all the dogs and their trainers well and I hoped I was able to capture the spirit of each one - Cookie, Jake, Indy, Moria, Katie, and Cooper. You never know where digital art will take you! Now every time we walk on the Capitol grounds, or pass by a police vehicle with a K9 on board, I think of Caroline. Thanks again for noticing my work! Check out Caroline's webpage - she has quite an interesting background. 

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