Friday, January 22, 2016

New Carpet for Long Hallways

It's been over ten years since we moved to DC from the Midwest. We moved to an over one hundred year old building on Capitol Hill to 500 square feet of living space - quite a big difference from a one acre lot, 2500 square feet, a BIG driveway, and a big dog. But as with anything else big or small, things wear out - especially when one lives on the first floor where there is a lot of foot traffic. The carpet was showing wear and tear for quite some time - especially the seam at the turn of the hallway. So this week the carpet was replaced right after the walls got a fresh coat of paint. But since the industrial square carpet that can be easily installed and removed as needed was not selected, very long rolls of material had to be configured outside of the building before installing it. But before any of the week could begin, the old stuff had to be removed. I can only imagine how heavy these bundles were to haul in and out. The crew is still working on the project today - you can smell the glue and hear the banging. By next week it will become an afterthought. But it's nice to get a fresh look once in awhile. Too bad it's installed just in time for the historic snow storm and blizzard predicted for today through Sunday. 

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