Monday, January 4, 2016

Springtime on the Mall

It's been a while since we walked on the Mall. The last time was before Christmas to see the Capitol Christmas tree. Now the tree is coming down and it hardly felt like winter. All along the way there were signs of spring everywhere. The birds were rustling about in front of the US Botanical garden, and the flowering trees were in full bloom in front of the air and space museum. The long shadows gave away the winter calendar, but everything else was decidedly another time of year. The cherry blossoms were out, but where were the crowds typically flocking around them? On the way back through the garden pond, a pair of ducks were feasting on whatever they found in the muddy water. He was keeping a keen eye out for her as the children tried to get a bit too close. It was a lovely walk and one less winter month to endure - which was one of the biggest reasons we left the Midwest. I could take this kind of winter anytime! 

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