Saturday, January 23, 2016

Green Stuff Growing on Trees

I'd rather not talk about snow. That is one of the main reasons we moved away from the Midwest. But since we came to DC, we experienced snowmaggedon and now this awful blizzard thing that is keeping us trapped in the house for a few days. Before all this started, we were enjoying the mild temperatures, taking extended walks, and observing the world around us. When the leaves are missing, the tree trunks and limbs stand out. And so does the interesting art and texture that emerges. The colors are vibrant, and the formations are peculiar. We thought we saw a face of something on one of the trunks - and not a very pleasant one at that. We won't even bother to try to get out of the house today or tomorrow. Now my attention is to find interesting snow art that is randomly created by the flakes and wind. For some reason I don't find that as appealing, but nevertheless could be potentially as interesting. 

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