Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Perfect Amazon Birthday Gifts

It's hard to figure out what to buy for a special person on her birthday. My mother will be 93 next month. She mentioned that holding a fork can be challenging during our last phone call, so that got me thinking. My goal is to make her as comfortable as possible while she is still able to live at home. So I checked out arthritis devices and what not on Amazon and found an array of stuff that could be helpful - from writing devices to hand warmers. Because there are a few items coming from several places, there will also be a few packages which will make it even more "fun" - especially when they are unexpected. I'm a practical person at heart, and being a healthcare professional may help me think more about these comfort ideas. They may not be the most exciting gifts? But they may become the most used. I think the best thing I ever got her was an iPad. She can read books in larger print, stays in touch with daily emails, and plays some games here and there. Who could ask for anything more?

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