Tuesday, January 26, 2016

All Sides of the Snowy Capitol

Another day off from work! That makes two in a row and only four more days left before I retire on Wednesday. Rather than wander around the neighborhood today, we decided to head towards the government buildings because the sidewalks would be less treacherous - and they were. So we walked around the Capitol Building and things looked a bit different at each turn. There still wasn't much pedestrian traffic, and the mounds of snow were quite high just about everywhere. The reflecting pond had a couple seagull visitors and a squirrel romped about. A few snowmen were erected here and there - one with elaborate red buttons. The famous sledding hill on the southeast side was much less busy than in days past. I suppose some people probably had to get back to work. I am still not a fan of winter or snow, which was a reason to leave the Midwest. But it's been wonderful not to have to work either. But soon, I won't have to do that either! The weather becomes less important when you don't have to be anywhere. Can't wait to see how that feels! 

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