Sunday, January 3, 2016

Safeway Cuisinart Cutlery Stamps

We used to collect green stamps a long time ago.  They could then be exchanged for gifts, or items to use around the house. My husband likes to go to Safeway grocery store after we have brunch on Saturday in McLean. For the last few weeks, he has been getting Cuisinart stamps - kinda like the green stamps. Yesterday, he got a few more. I finally read the instructions after putting the last batch of stamps on the card and they finally surpassed thirty. That amount qualifies for a pairing knife or shears. His goal was to get a decent cutting knife. But I think the time has run out because the giveaway ends on January 6. So he told me he may take a ride out there before the deadline and collect his freebie, which he rarely does. Aside from that, he'll pick up more groceries that were out of stock over the long holiday weekend. So the question is - will he get the item he has enough stamps for that he doesn't want? Or pay a few bucks more with the stamps and get what he really wants? Or maybe nothing at all? I guess we'll find out this week. 

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