Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fine Art America Retrievers Digital Art

I've been painting custom pet portraits for over three years. When I complete them, I post them on my Etsy shop, and on my Fine Art Anerica page. My Etsy shop is generally used for custom work. Fine Art America is more of a gallery of ready made artwork and photographs.  So it is always a treat when someone purchases a painting from Fine Art America because they must like what they see. The image can also be transformed in to a lot of different items outside of a mat and frame. This particular customer ordered a large stretched canvas. What's equally nice is that I can send a tweet out about it through the website. But even better than that is when folks on the FAA site comment about my work. It's such great feedback on a piece of art that I created. I really appreciate the kind words, and continue to be amazed at the far reaches of the digital age!

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