Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cardiocare and McDonald's

You don't want to fool around with an abnormal EKG. Since last Thursday, we have visited a cardiologist, had a calcium score test, and today an echocardiogram. We found and scheduled the cardiologist on ZocDoc, and his office scheduled the other exams - one in the same office building in Chevy Chase, and the other in Bethesda. Even though I am a nurse - who ran a cardiac catheterization lab many years ago - and my husband is a retired surgeon, and our son is a cardiac surgeon, I am always so anxious whenever I have to have any medical tests done. In my mind, I was already having open heart surgery, since that was the fate of both my parents. Every time we are in Chevy Chase for medical tests, colonoscopies and mammograms, we stop at McDonald's on the way home. It's a ritual. Today, we returned for a follow up check and get the low down on the results so far. I'm just thrilled to know things look pretty good, although I need to start taking a statin to manage the hereditary high cholesterol. And I'm also happy to say we finally found a doctor in this town that we really like. I would highly recommend Dr, Reza Sanai. He made the experience all the more pleasant with his professional approach and style. It almost reminded us of all the kind and gentle health care providers we knew in the Midwest. And that's pretty hard to come by in this town. 

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