Saturday, January 16, 2016

CVS, Breathe Rite, Nips and Total Wine

My husband has bad allergies. They started about ten years ago, coinciding with our move to DC. And everyone who lives here says if you didn't have allergies before you move here, you will certainly get them. Luckily, I can say I have not been affected like he has. But it doesn't matter where we are anywhere in the world, or the season, he still has them. We thought maybe the red wine might be causing it, but stopping that for a week didn't help a bit. So we went back to the one glass a day. I have tried to convince him to see an allergist, but doctors - like himself -  know better! I did finally convince him to try a breathe rite strip the other day. He said it actually may have helped - even just a little! Since that was the last one, we needed to get a few more to see if it really worked. So today after brunch at our usual McLean place, we trekked on over to CVS for a refill. While there, we couldn't pass up the bargain on NIPS Chocolate parfait candy. And since we were running low on our red wine supply, we went across the street to Total Wine to restock, along with our newly found favorite diet ginger ale. So, even if the breathe rite strips don't work, he can still enjoy a little red wine and Nips. Who could ask for anything more?

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