Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter Is Here - Rats!

One of the reasons we moved to DC was to get out of the year round winter feel of the Midwest. And for most of this winter season it has been remarkably lovely here! We've had warmer temps and sunshine, as has a lot of the country so far. Since we were in Florida for Christmas we missed out on the dreary rain in DC and had even more warmth and sunshine. But now it is January and dreams can't last forever. We've driven along the GW Parkway hundreds of times since we came here. But the fog and rain and cold have creeped up on us and everything looks so much different now. The photographs remind me of the old black and whites and sepias from the nineteenth century. Hopefully it will not be too destructive or bone numbing over the next couple of months. Whenever it's like this I wonder if we should have moved further south? I'm just sorry I didn't keep some of my winter wardrobe. I didn't think I would need the heavy duty stuff. Boy was I mistaken!

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