Friday, January 1, 2016

Ginger Ale?

It started when we went to Florida to visit my mom for Christmas. I was feeling a little thirsty and she suggested a ginger ale. I've always heard of it, but never had it. I suppose the closest thing is 7UP, and I always drink that when I'm nauseated - thankfully that doesn't happen very often. And when I do, it reminds me of being nauseated! Our daughter in law raves about ginger ale, but I never thought about it. Well, I tried one out and had one each evening after that while we were on vacation. So when we got home, we had one last small can of the Hanson's brand left. It had to be at least five years old. My husband then picked some Canada Dry up at the grocery store, and I've had a few sporadically over the last week. What's nice about ginger ale is that it is caffeine free, which is great if you plan to sleep at night. It's a pretty neutral taste, and may be a way to help me drink more during the day - something I am very bad at doing. So, let's see how long this craze lasts. Goodbye diet, decaf Coke? Time will tell.

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