Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bartholdi Park Renovation

One of our favorite walkways is through Bartholdi Park. It is located on independence avenue and is part of the US Botanical gardens. When we first moved here, the majestic fountain was being restored. The construction seemed to take forever. Now, the park is being renovated to improve access, more seating space, improved walkways, better lighting, and edible gardens, among other things. I was disappointed to see the typical construction walls being erected around this beautiful place - because that would mean we would not be able to pass through it on our way to and from home on our routine walks. I've taken dozens of photos of the plant life and of the bees and birds every time we visit. But I know in the end it will most likely be better. But what's nice about it now is how peaceful it usually is even on the busiest of days. There is something very serene about it with the tucked away seating areas. Hopefully the construction this time won't take more than a few months, but I have my doubts. The sign says 2016, but it doesn't say what month. Hopefully before the end of the year?!

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