Thursday, January 7, 2016

Digital Art Portrait Feedbacks Are So Heartwarming!

I just finished a whopping 31 pet portraits and have one more to go. November and December are exceptionally busy months, and I was happy I could accommodate as many requests as I could, but I had to turn down a few to keep my sanity! Each hand painted digital portrait takes a lot of time to get just right, and the set up and communication throughout the process is time consuming. But I really enjoy it all, and look forward to each request because they are all so different! I am also humbled to receive such wonderful feedback from my customers. I suppose the biggest form of flattery is to have repeat customers! But it is so heartwarming to get such sweet comments as those noted here. If someone tells me I have captured the soul of the pet, I know I did what needed to be done. I spend most of my time on the eyes. If I get that right, the rest doesn't matter as much. And to think these portraits are displayed somewhere in someone's home, or worn on a t shirt, or some other non traditional way, enriches my soul! We had two dogs in our lives and they really have a way of getting under your skin in the best of ways. If I can create that sentimental attachment through art it makes me feel so wonderful. Thank so much for the positive feedback! It's really inspiring!

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