Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Getting Acquainted With the Subaru Forester

Taking a roadtrip is one of the best ways to become acquainted with a new car - particularly if it's been over ten years since you got one. Our eleven year old Subaru Forester was replaced with a new 2016 version in October. The old girl was just breaking down too much and becoming quite unreliable for even short distance jaunts. There are so many new gadgets and safety features on this vehicle that it requires a lot of time to get familiar with them. Reading the owners manual doesn't work unless there is something very specific you want to find out. So? We learned three new things on our last roadtrip to Florida for Christmas. You can open the back hatch without having to use the key remote - there is a button you can push; the lights can be dimmed on the dashboard so the map isn't shining brightly in your face at night; and the volume can be controlled from the steering wheel. It was the first time I drove the car since we got it, and I am continuously amazed at the adaptive cruise control function that I immediately learned about when we first got it. It helps to have all these safety reminders, which is one of the reasons this is our third Subaru. The only thing we are missing is the big dog that used to ride in the back. I wonder if that might change too? 

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