Sunday, January 17, 2016

Willie Nelson Gershwin Prize Concert

In November, we attended the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize concert for Willie Nelson at the Daughters of the American Revolution Hall. As an employee, I won a lottery ticket. They needed to fill the seats, and we had an opportunity to do just that. Last year Billy Joel was the prize winner. For whatever reason, we landed in about the same seats as last year - to the right of the stage and fairly close to the action. And from our seats, we could easily see the guests of honor because they were located just in front of us. Being at the show is an interesting affair because of everyone else who is there. But watching it on tv can be even more interesting because you know you are in the audience. The show was broadcasted on public television this week, so we watched to see if we could see ourselves. It wasn't as clear this year as last, but we knew it was us because the grey hair shines out in the crowd. Personally I preferred the Billy Joel concert to Willie Nelson's, only because the music was more familiar to me. Regardless, each artist was entertaining to watch during the show to see their reactions, and also when they performed. What more could one ask for - especially since it was free?

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